Despite the rise of digital photography, physical photos remain significant. They enable the sharing of experiences with others through their physicality (i.e. displaying, gifting) to maintain social bonds, particularly in family contexts (Rose, 2016a). In fact, new technologies are commonly integrated into pre-existing practices (Horst and Miller, 2006), and the use of digital photography to create printed photobooks is a good example of this (Photobox, 2019). Furthermore, other media (i.e. videos, audio) can be harnessed to accentuate the physical world, such as photobooks, through augmented reality, increasing the multisensory interaction opportunities that they can afford (Ross, 2009). This paper therefore presents initial findings from the development of augmented photobooks to create 'a-photobooks', printed photobooks that are augmented by travellers with additional multimedia of their trip using a smartphone-based authoring tool. Employing an accompanying app, travellers can play this content on their device while reading their photobook. Initial results suggest a-photobooks could support heightened immersive reading and sensory awareness of holidays encounters, and social connection, increasing cognitive, and emotional poignancy of associated experiences. The paper concludes with a summary of findings and remarks made overall.

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